Betrayed by Xerox

I seldom post complaints on my blog (maybe this is the first time), but I’ve never been treated so bad by a name company like Xerox.

Last year in Mikamai we needed a printer. I made my research on the net for a color laser printer and we ended up choosing Xerox, after all you can’t go wrong with Xerox, right? We were so wrong.

Our Xerox Phaser 6110MFP started malfunctioning almost immediately, getting paper jams every second page we printed. After a while it completely stopped working and we had to call tech support (Xerox Italy), and that’s where the pain started.

The first time they sent a technician quite soon, and he said he fixed the printer, then he went away. Obviously he didn’t do anything that really fixed it since after half a day it started malfunctioning again.

We called again the tech support and when the technician came again he said we had to buy a new printer, because we “used up” this one. I almost a year we printed less than 1000 pages. How’s that too much?

We kept calling tech support and the guy didn’t even come anymore. After calling support every day for a week he came again, and said the printer is no more covered by warranty and as long as it’s able to print one page it’s fine for him. He strongly suggested again to buy a new printer.

We followed his suggestions, and bought a Samsung printer, this time spending less than 15% of what we spent for the Xerox one.

I hope this post will go around the net, as a warning to customers. Don’t buy Xerox.

This is an English rewrite of an Italian article posted on the Mikamai blog: “problemi con stampanti xerox

Update: Xerox contacted us and solved the problem.

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  1. Michael Wales Says:

    When it comes to printers – you can’t go wrong with HP.