Deploy Drupal with Capistrano, a year later

Here’s the slides for the presentation I gave at the latest Ruby Social Club in Milano.

One Response to “Deploy Drupal with Capistrano, a year later”

  1. abesh Says:

    Hello Giovanni,
    I did not want to comment on this post, but since the comments on the one on lighttpd+lua+wp-supercache is closed, i saw no other go :( Please feel free to delete this if inappropriate ?

    Donncha has under developement a new version of wp-supercache which supports mobile agents and the .htaccess rules have been a bit modified :( I tried with whatever limited lua I could to get it to work but I borked my site. I use your lua script along with everyone else who uses lighttpd+wp-supercache and you are lifesaver.

    Could you please take a look at the new .htaccess rules if you have time to spare ? Donncha’s blog announcing the release and my comment can be found here :

    Thanks a lot :)